Ealaíontóir: Andrew Jacob

Teideal : Great Blasket Series

Áit: Ionad na Bhlascaoid/ The Great Blasket Centre, Dún Chaoin

Oscailt Oifigiúil: Sathairn/ Saturday 29 @ 3pm

Andrew Jacob is an American artist, surfer and fisherman who as luck would have it grew up in a home filled with the stories of his Irish ancestry. His work often employs vibrant colors and strong bold lines that powerfully carve out distinct forms. 

In his most recent series, Jacob dives into the depths of his Irish ancestry to bring back to life the magical and ionic aspects of Blasket culture through spray paint, inks, mixed media techniques, and contemporary methods of art. 

By revisiting the spirits of his heritage, Jacob explores what life was like on the Great Blasket through landscape, portrait, rhythmic abstractions, and dreamscapes captured onto canvas. As a descendent of the islanders, Jacob uses his art to honor and sustain the Blasket culture, its people, and their unique way of life which is undoubtably ingrained into his DNA. 


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