VENUE/Áit: An Díseart

DATE/Dáta: Dé Sathairn 4ú Bealtaine

TIME/Am: 2pm

PRICE: Saor Cead isteach/ Free Entry

2 p.m.
River by Clare Langan
(Screening time 8 minutes)
Commissioned as a permanent installation at NUI Maynooth. Accompanying River is music curated by Gary Sheehan, National Concert Hall, Dublin.
2.30 p.m.
Into the Mystery by Rob Beighton
(Screening time 40 minutes)
This abstract film, a journey into the spaces between nature, man and woman, is a semi-abstract portrayal of an inner journey.
3.30 p.m.
Last Breath by Marie Brett
(Screening time 11 minutes followed by Q&A session with the artist)
Last Breath explores ideas of the ultimate great unknown. the experience of death and dying. The work draws the viewer into a multi-layered narrative, where time slows and metaphysical landscapes unfold.
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