VENUE/Áit: The Beehive Theatre

DATE/Dáta: 30th April

TIME/Am: 17.00pm

PRICE: €12


The Sunday Times:
‘Seamus Moran’s one-man show is a comic dramatisation of organ memory with a distinct thriller vibe… Energetically directed by LiamHalligan… The female characters are great fun. The plot stays ahead of the audience and it is testimony to Moran’s talent that he manages to pull it all off.

Written & Performed by Seamus Moran / Directed by Liam Halligan

A man who’s recently had a heart transplant thinks that his new heart is talking to him. Is he insane, suffering side-effects from the medication or is it possible? Could this really be happening? When his new heart persuades him to embark on a major quest, his life is turned inside out; his world upside down with comic consequences. He is soon well outside his comfort zone where his beliefs, assumptions and view of himself are called into question, tested and challenged. Have A Heart is a wonderfully dynamic and visually engaging piece of theatre about love, obsession and head versus heart that delivers a real tour de force performance.
DJ is the head, the brains, the one with experience and memories; Ray is the heart, erratic and impulsive. He is devoid of memory and experience but has intense sense memories around touch, smell and sound. Working independently, they flounder and make faltering progress. But working together and with the help of some ‘friends’ they meet along the way they find the answers they’re seeking. But will these answers please them both? Structured like a detective story, Have A Heart will keep audiences guessing and fully engaged throughout.
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