VENUE/Áit: McCarthy’s, Goat Street

DATE/Dáta: 3 Bealtaine / May 3rd

TIME/Am: 6pm

PRICE: €8 & €6


John Farrell’s 3 Lies About Brooklyn offers a harrowing but often hilarious window into the life of an Irish Bastard farmed out to Brooklyn by the Sisters of Mercy in the 1950s. It traces his journey from the orphanage, his discovery of sexuality, his conflicted relationship to the Catholic Church and its often abusive agents through to his emergence as an independent young man: an identity he must also come to question and reject. Farrell suggests that bastards live life in very different ways; ways that are not to be pitied but appreciated for the strengths and insights they reveal. The program runs for one hour and is not suitable for children.

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