VENUE/Áit: O’Flaherty’s Bar

DATE/Dáta: Dé Luain, 6th May

TIME/Am: 5pm

PRICE: Saor Cead isteach/ Free Entry

Irish Troubadour -Larry Beau brings his troupe of Bardic minstrels to Dingle.

Featuring songs composed on his journey from east to west coast America and premiered on The Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship on the river Liffey.The project was inspired by Peregrine White, the first born to the Pilgrims when they berthed The Mayflower at the tip of The Cape in 1620. Written in the folk sing-along tradition, the songs feature Immigrants, Seafarers, Pilgrims , Hobos, Cowboys, Beggars and the underdogs of society. Themes of hope, love and survival, serenade throughout. Téamaí dóchais, grá agus marthanas a ritheann trí na hamhráin iontacha seo.

“Larry Beau’s  reedy  and wraith like voice weaves 18th century Le Fanu death fugues and traditional threnodies around words that suggest Bowie doing Brel’s ‘ The Port of Amsterdam’. HOTPRESS

‘A  Starry-eyed amalgam of Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and a wandering Irish Minstrel ‘METRO

‘Heartstopping’ IRISH TIMES

‘ Wonderful’
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