VENUE/Áit: Beehive Theatre Company

DATE/Dáta: 6 & 7 Bealtaine / Sun 6th @7.30pm

Mon 7th @2.30pm

PRICE: €12

Wandering Star Theatre Company present a special preview of Lex Talionis (A Tale of Vengeance & Feathers), a new play by Liam Heylin (Love, Peace & Robbery, Hung Juror, Girl from Gdansk, Ding Dong).
‘If I told ya to jump of a buildin’ would ya?’
‘That’s different, we’re jumpin’ off buildin’s all day long!’
Hugh is an older rook with chicks on the way. Mooney is a younger rook whose new friend Max is not what she seems. Dónie is a magpie, and he is bad news. When someone is murdered all hell breaks loose. There will be vengeance. That’s what the weird Latin title is about – the law of retaliation, an eye for an eye.
This is another play from the seriously funny Liam Heylin about savage craic on the streets of Cork City. A bird’s eye view, if you will.
Directed by Katrina Foley
Starring Aisling McCarthy, Sinéad Donnelly, Sinéad McGee and Bláithín MacGabhann
This play contains strong language and some mild violence.
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