VENUE/Áit: An Diseart

DATE/Dáta: Satharn/Saturday04.05.19

TIME/Am: 3:30 pm

PRICE: Saor Cead isteach/ Free Entry

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Marie Brett website

Last Breath –

a filmic art work by Marie Brett

Last Breath explores ideas of the ultimate great unknown – the experience of death and dying. Inspired by Epic poetry and reimagined Irish folklore, the film reflects on the liminal space between ‘life and death’, the ‘mind and body’, necromancy and the female supernatural. The work draws the viewer into a multi-layered narrative, where time slows and metaphysical landscapes unfold.
The film benefits from Brett’s ongoing research into Irish death rituals. Last Breath follows a residency undertaken by the artist at University College Dublin’s College of Social Science and Law and a participatory project with palliative care and other healthcare staff. The work was supported by the Irish Museum of Modern Art and UCD Parity Studios and received an Arts Council AIC award, managed by Create.
Marie Brett is a visual artist working in filmic, sculptural and live events. She produces artwork in response to culturally shunned human behaviours with particular interests in lived experience of loss and trauma. Her practice develops through cross-disciplinary and collaborative methods and particularly explores ethical and aesthetic relations to the to the politics of cultural production.
Further information
PODCAST Dublin City FM ‘Aftering: Mortality in the 21st Century’ programme
“Marie Brett is an artist who deals with the profound themes of loss, death and bereavement in her work. In this episode, she talks about her new filmic artwork – Last Breath. It reflects on the liminal space between being alive and being dead by using soundscapes echoing the ancient Irish practice of keening and utilising evocative visuals. What does it mean to die? She explains what she learnt through the making process”
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