VENUE/Áit: St James’ Chruch

DATE/Dáta: Sat 5th May

TIME/Am: 2pm


Wings – Album Launch
Niamh Varian-Barry is the former lead singer of one of the biggest bands in Irish music, ‘Solas’. With her exceptional vocals, she gained notoriety throughout North America and the world during her years touring and recording with the band before she returned to Ireland to highlight her skills as a classical performer. Niamh is a trained viola and fiddle player and holds a Master of Performance from the Royal Irish Academy of Music.
Céad albam solo Niamh, ‘Wings’ ag Féile na Bealtaine i mbliana. Her voice has been praised worldwide and this album is a perfect blend of her passion for classical and folk music. “No matter where you turn on this album Niamh is in full control of the musical and emotional narrative, her voice unforced, persuasive; her fiddle tone is rich and warm.” (Seán Laffey) From cinematic, luscious landscapes to intimate vocal tracks, this album showcases Varian- Barry’s talents. Niamh is joined on the altar by a stellar team of musicians including cellist Natalie Haas, guitarist Gerry O’Beirne and Donogh Hennessy Seolfar
“A top-drawer debut, a top-drawer album, from a top-drawer performer.” – Irish Music Magazine
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