VENUE/Áit: Meeting outside St Mary’s Church, Green St

DATE/Dáta: Dé Satharn / 5th May/ Bealtaine

TIME/Am: 9pm

PRICE: Saor Cead isteach/ Free Entry

Putting the Bealtaine back into Feile na Bealtaine!

Le deireadh an gheimhridh, is teacht na Bealtaine, cuirfimid fáilte roimh an séasúr le searmanas tine, ceoil, rince, is aghaidheanna fidil. This year’s event is a leap of the imagination, a moment between the seasons, and all attendants are encouraged to wear masks and costumes, so they can dance amongst the Otherworld beings and welcome in the May. The crowd will gather outside the church on Green St. at 9pm, on Saturday and will be taken to the ritual ground.

A workshop will take place at Curran’s Pub on Friday, May 4th from 2-5 p.m., for those who wish to make traditional straw masks for Saturday’s event.

 Baileofar an slua os comhar an tsáipéil ar Shráid an Doirín aige 9 i.n. Dé Sathairn an 5ú Bealtaine, áit a treorófar iad go láthair an tsearmanais.

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