VENUE/Áit: Rice House

DATE/Dáta: Déardaoin 2 Bealtaine

PRICE: Saor Cead isteach/ Free Entry


For me making art is like the character from the film ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ who makes models of mountains. He doesn’t know why he is doing it, but he is compelled to. I came from a hellish background and art was a way out and it continues to be so. My intention is to work against stagnation and move to a deeper understanding of myself and life.
Working with metal as a sculptor was like my first language. When I turned to painting and drawing it was like learning a second language. It felt awkward. It still can fee awkward like I don’t know where I fit in. I’m not a painterly painter and my style is more graffiti-street-punk though my influences are more Modernist like Giacometti, Picasso, the Cubists and Surrealists and Basquiat.
Buddhism has played a big part in my life as well as art. The two are the same thing for me. Making sculpture and painting are the way I practice Buddhism. It’s not necessarily a kind of Buddhism most people would recognise. Its about being real, being naked, being congruent with where I am and what is going on. It’s not about putting a good spin on things but owning the shadow, the rage, despair and isolation of being human as well as recognising love and connection.
Even though this works come from my personal process my hope is that others can connect with it and find humour and life in the images. It’s important to me that my work irritates ‘good’ taste. I identify with the underworld and the margins of society where what is seen is often misunderstood and projected onto. My work aims to reclaim the underworld, make visible that which isn’t often seen clearly or valued. Not in a heavy way but with humour and even joy.
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