VENUE/Áit: St James’ Church

DATE/Dáta: Dé Domhnaigh – 6th May

TIME/Am: 5pm

PRICE:  €8

Eventbrite - Seasta aka Mo Benison

Seasta aka Mo Benison
Seasta is a pianist, vocalist and electronica experimentalist who has focused her latest efforts on contemporary classical piano music. Recent experiences studying musical performance and composition have reignited her passion for exploring and creating, the result of which is her selftitled live studio album, Seasta. !
The emotional and structural essence of her music is movement, dance and motion. Each of the nine original compositions offers a different experience for the soul; an inner journey that is wholly personal to the listener while they become one with the music. Seasta is the nom de plume of Mo Benison who originally hails from the Gaeltacht town of Dingle and is based between there and Galway. This is her first foray into classical music. Her experimentalelectronica album, Render, was released in 2006. She has returned to music after several yearsworking in the TV and film industry.
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