VENUE/Áit: Convent Primary School

DATE/Dáta: Monday 6th May

TIME/Am: 2pm

PRICE: Saor Cead isteach/ Free Entry

In the small tower chamber the Thirteenth Fairy spins her yarn of fate. The spinning wheel is humming while the Fairy begins to tell a story. The story of a king and a queen who each and every day say to each other:Oh, if we had a child! But they beg to no avail. It is the story of a royal couple that forgets about love and causes great suffering. And of an inquisitive princess who enters the stairs of the forbidden tower. Of a hundred years of sleep and miraculous dreams. Of a hedge of thorns, a daring prince, a long, long kiss, and of roses that open out all of a sudden. When the sleeping beauty finally opens her eyes, love rises throughout the country.

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