VENUE/Áit: Sunday Emlagh House

DATE/Dáta: 6 Bealtaine / May 6th

TIME/Am: 3pm

Price: €5

More Info:

Eventbrite - Tools to open our eyes: The Geology and Poetry of Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney

The renowned physicist Carlo Rovelli said ‘Our culture is foolish to keep science and poetry separated’, but how can science and poetry work together? In this event, geologist Prof Mike Stephenson of the British Geological Survey and poet Prof Iggy McGovern will give a series of readings showing how the poetry of two poets of the land, Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney, reveals geological time and process in vibrant language that bypasses scientific terminology. The talk will show how both poets had an intuitive grasp of geology, and the slow turning of cycles that forms rocks, preserves fossils and creates the hard bones of our landscape. The speakers will consider what poetic expression teaches scientists about how to communicate, but also what extra insights geologists might gain from reading poetry about their science.
This event is a collaboration between the Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geo-sciences (iCrag) and Féile Na Bealtaine. It will offer a unique insight into stories of landscapes, science and poetry.
Following the talk geologists from iCrag will take participants on a short coastal walk to look at the geology and topography of Dingle.
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