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Feile na Bealtaine

Use this page to add a new event or to edit an existing one.

Your event won’t be published until someone has reviewed it.

Here is an explanation of some of the fields:

  • Long Description: (field below title).  This is where you can write (or paste) in your text explaining the event.
  • Excerpt: enter a short description of your event
  • Date and Time: Enter the start and end date and time
  • Event Data: Sub Heading: this might be the speaker, or band etc.
  • Event Repeating: if your event occurs over multiple days of the festival then enter the occurrences here.
  • Tickets: if you are selling tickets for your event then add them here.
  • Note to reviewer: anything that Fiona or Siobhan should no about the event (internal note)
  • Event Cost: Enter 0 if a free event or enter the price (or tick the box beneath it to take the price from the tickets)
  • Featured Image: upload your image of the event
  • Categories: tick the category this event is in.

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