Aistear Pheig Mhór

Gaeilge G
  • Sub Heading: Friday /Aoine 9.30 i.n. & Sunday / Domhnach 12:30 i.n.
May 03 - 05 2024

Friday / Dé hAoine - Sunday / Domhnach

and Sunday at 12:30 pm
9:30 pm

Venue / Áit

Currran's Yard
Main street, Dingle
Free / Saor in aisce

Peig Sayers, known on the Blasket  Island as Peig Mhór a hearty, colourful character, raconteur steeped in folklore, local history & yarns. Peig Mór has come back to view life as it is now. She has questions. How come a woman of great heart and mind, a brillant storyteller, ended up on the leaving cert curriculum with a book published in 1936 & edited by others,  a book which was dreaded by generations.
Our 10 ft high puppet of ‘Peig Mhór’ will emerge from Curran’s yard, the place she stayed as a Cailin aimsire, onto the streets of Dingle 2024. Join us as we celebrate Peig Sayers with music, projections, lanterns, colour and love.  Inspired by Peig, many hands have come together to create a honouring for Peig Mhór.
Come dance with us and the spirit of our lovely Peig from Dún Chaoin who came into this world as a one of 13 children in 1873.

Bígí linn chun Peig Sayers a ceiliuradh le ceol, dathanna, grá, projections and lanterns.