VENUE/Áit: Nellie Freds

DATE/Dáta: Sat 29th April

TIME/Am: 10.30pm


Tá cara na Féile Sally Cinnamon ar ais. Ní bheidh tú in ann stopadh don rince. Seo leat le do bhrógaí dearga !
“Able to dance before she could walk” 
The job of the selector is similar to the storyteller, and one of the finest is Sally Cinnamon. Of course there’s no magic formula to being a DJ but an intrinsic love of dancing is a definite prerequisite. Always be wary of DJs who don’t dance. Sally Cinnamon sure can dance and she’s good at turning standing-theres and sitting-downers into dancers too. That’s the skill that sets her apart. She makes you want to put on your red shoes and dance the blues or perhaps even the night away.



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