Anois an Aimsir – Tricia Healy

Apr 29 2023 - May 01 2023

Saturday / Dé Sathairn - Monday / Dé Luain

All Day

Venue / Áit

Pig and Leaf Café
Pig and Leaf, Main Street, Grove, Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland

An exhibition of small paintings by Tricia Healy. Having grown up on a small farm, she realised from an early age, there was something very important about the weather forecast after the evening news, preceded by Dad’s ‘shush will ye’. It seemed a change of mood could enter the house depending on what was said.

“there’s rain given, the hay can’t be cut’,
‘there’s a dry spell in the way, we’ll go at the turf’,
‘the moons on its back, there are storms coming’
the birds are nesting high, a ‘great sign’.
‘the sky is down on us ‘
‘there’s a flood coming’

These little works are full of weather and emotion, the mystery and the unknown that surrounds us despite us living in a prescriptive knowing world.

Focus Time/Am le diriú: Saturday/Satharn 29ú: 3pm