Anseo – Laura Barry

Apr 29 2023 - May 01 2023

Saturday / Dé Sathairn - Monday / Dé Luain

All Day

Venue / Áit

Dick Mack's Yard

An Tigín, Behind the Yellow Gate, Dick Mack’s Lane.

Anseo meaning here, or being present, in the Irish language is the name I chose for this

collection. Anseo, as far as I can remember was the first word I ever learned as Ghaeilge, not

knowing at the time, it was to become the most important one.

Being here. Being present. Here. In Dingle. Breathing in the, what seems to be, fresher air

around you. Noticing the stories on and within the walls, the ancient paint. Reckoning the

faces that surround and add tales to your very soul. People have asked me, countless times at

this stage. What is it about Dingle? Why and what about this place in West Kerry captures

you, when the whole world is your oyster. My answer has always been, come down for a few

days and you’ll feel it. I’m yet to receive a complaint.

With this collection, I have attempted to capture some of the places where I have felt ‘anseo’

the most. These places are where I’ve unintentionally stopped. Smiled. Cried. Laughed.

Thought. ‘Wow, you wouldn’t get this anywhere else.’

Focus Time/Am le diriú: Saturday/Satharn 29ú: 1pm