Domhan Eile le Flight of Fancy

Apr 30 2023

Sunday / Domhnach

5:00 pm

Venue / Áit

South Pole Inn, Annascaul

Flight Of Fancy Shadows
Flight of Fancy Shadows are a shadow puppetry group of musicians, storytellers and puppeteers. Which brings audiences on a journey through Irish mythology with a modern twist. Their use of experimental shadow imagery and puppetry is a beautiful art form that is rarely seen. They achieve this through the use of found objects, intricate hand crafted cut outs and photographs.

They have performed for many festivals over the past 10 years such as; St Patrick’s Day festival, Culture Night, the Galway Theatre Festival, Puca Festival and many more. From comedic puppetry shows for all ages to serious artistic endeavours, they have a dynamic range of talents which charm any audience. Marie Denham is the lead puppeteer and artistic director based in A4 Sounds Studios Dublin. Flight of Fancy is a member of Irish UNIMA, which is part of the international network of puppeteers affiliated by UNESCO.