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Jenny Mc Carthy & Lynne Stratton – Art Forms Life

May 02 2022

Thursday / Déardaoin

Exhibitions run thourghout the weekend
4:00 pm

Venue / Áit

Dingle Further Education and Training Centre
Dingle further education and training centre, Goat Street, Grove, Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland

Art is the secret that connects us to a world where anything is possible —a world full of hope, a world where we connect and a world without conflict.

For Féile 2022, Lynne Stratton and Jenny McCarthy bring fresh works for your eyes and soul.

The March Hare by Lynne Stratton symbolizes strength with wary curiosity. The Hyacinth bulb by Jenny McCarthy, lying dormant all year, bursting into life with vibrant blues and detail for the eye to explore.

Jenny Mc Carthy: https://ventrybeach.com/