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Rose Reichart – The Momentum Collection – A visual ode to living in the Flow

  • Sub Heading: A visual ode to living in the Flow
May 02 2022

Saturday / Dé Sathairn

Exhibitions run throughout the weekend
3:00 pm

Venue / Áit

Thyme Out Café
Dykegate Street, Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland

Here‘s to living in tune with our own energies rather than going against them
Embracing the cyclic nature of being human
Welcoming the recurring ebb and ow of our emotional states
Listening closely to our inner changes
Peeling back layer upon layer of conditioned behavior
Untaming ourselves from outwards expectations
Coming home to ourselves and celebrating every part of our ow
Allowing for lightness and weight, growth and rest, vibrancy and modesty
Arrival and Departure, coexisting in constant motion
Valuing the abundance of our rich and complex self
Leaving behind the tiny boxes of civilized scarcity
And reconnecting with the wholeness of our wild and free self.

Website: https://rosereichart.com/

Rose Reichart is a multi-passionate artist who has just relocated from Germany to Ireland. She works as an abstract painter, photographer and singer-songwriter under various aliases.

Reichart‘s intuitive process is deeply rooted in concepts of untaming and re-con-nection.

On Saturday at 3 p.m. the artist will perform live music at the exhibition location (Thyme Out Dingle).

The artist crafts her organic paint from earth pigments & nature‘s elements to create her abstract paintings with a rhythmic flow.