Apr 29 2023

Saturday / Dé Sathairn

6:00 pm

Venue / Áit

The Green Room (above John Benny's Pub)
The Green Room
Sold out!

After a positive critical response to Anna Jordan’s first EP ‘Dust’ in 2013 she formed her band SELK and released their debut album Beast in 2016, described by Hot Press as “…an atmospheric, evocative, and at times, sinister collection. Beast is wellworth grappling with.”  SELK followed the album with single ‘Moments’ featuring a collaboration with Oscar nominated composer Javier Navarrete (Pan’s Labyrinth),followed by ‘Silent Sea’ in May 2020 on which Javier also collaborated.

‘It’s clear when listening to ‘Moments’ that it was crafted by two artists who are incredible at their craft. The track is studded with dark imagery, and the inherent theatricality in Jordan’s fluttering vibrato callsback to the golden age of Hollywood.’


Anna Jordan has established herself as a serious composer with fruitful contributions to soundtracks for movies such as ‘Snap’ directed by Carmel Winters (best known for her film Float Like A Butterfly) and ‘Breakfast On Pluto‘ starring Cillian Murphy. Anna’s moving compositions lend well to film and more recently SELK’s track ‘Salt’ was added to the soundtrack of 2019 thriller ‘Greta’ starring Chloe Grace Moretz,with ‘Salt’ subsequently becoming SELK’s most successful release to date.

In 2021 SELK was awarded the MISP Recording grant from First Music Contact, which enabled the recording of the forthcoming SELK album.

The most recent SELK release ‘Spill’ (Aug 2022) from the new record has been receiving rave reviews, and was included in the latest Hotpress A&R ‘One’s to watch’ series.

“With delicate guitar strumming, welcome violin instrumentation and Jordan’s angelic, almost spoken word vocal utterances, it’s a starry-eyed track that belongs in an Oscar-nominated indie movie. Cellist Kate Ellis and violin virtuoso Cora Venus Lunny add to the gorgeousness. If Rough Trade’s River Lea imprint are thinking of getting their cheque book out again, they might want to look in the Dubliner’s direction.”


The second SELKalbum is due for release in June 2023.