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Slow Time with a Butterfly -An exhibition of fine art tapestries by Contemporary Tapestry Artists Ireland

  • Sub Heading: Oscailt Oifigiúil : Déardaoin 18:30
May 02 - 19 2024

Thursday / Déardaoin - Sunday / Domhnach

All Day

Venue / Áit

Siopa na bhFíodóirí
Green Street, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Contemporary Tapestry Artists Ireland (CTA) is a group of professional tapestry weavers working in studios all over the country who come together to collaborate and exhibit their work to raise the profile of this textile medium.

Slow Time with a Butterfly refers to the slow, detailed practice of tapestry weaving. The technique uses “butterflies” or bobbins of coloured yarns woven through a cotton or linen warp to create the image of the artist’s design.  The word “tapestry” for most people is synonymous with wool embroidery or needlepoint.

Without a long tradition of tapestry weaving in Ireland, CTA works at every opportunity to show the amazing diversity of work that is possible. In this exhibition each member is show-casing the development of their work in recent years.

In 2021, when face to face gatherings were prohibited, the group took to meeting on Zoom and exhibiting their work on social media platforms. Plans were made to exhibit as soon as freedom allowed and so Slow time with a Butterfly emerged as a travelling exhibition in 2022. For artists working in a medium which dates from ancient times, the irony of 21st century technology bringing the group from strength to strength is not lost.

CTA members, Muriel Beckett, Frances Crowe, Mary Cuthbert, Lorna Donlon, Terry Dunne, Angela Forte, Anne Harte, Theresa McKenna and the late Lisbeth Mulcahy, all established artists first came together in 1990 to give a platform to handwoven fine art tapestry. By its nature a solitary occupation this group gives its members an opportunity to connect, network and collaborate. These artists come together because of woven tapestry and the influence of this textile medium informs their body of work be it in fibre, paper or collage.

For further information contact

Angela Forte   086 3861949  Email [email protected]

Muriel Beckett 086 1604047  Email [email protected]