Sonas- Laura Barry

  • Sub Heading: Oscailt Oifigiúil/Official opening: Saturday 12.30pm
May 03 - 06 2024

Friday / Dé hAoine - Monday / Dé Luain

All Day

Venue / Áit

Laura’s Studio, An Tigín, Behind the yellow gates at Dick Mack’s Pub


Laura’s newest collection of paintings is called Sonas, meaning happiness in the Irish language, and focuses on the places that have brought some of the most contented, memorable moments and milestones to Laura throughout her life so far. 

Characteristically, each piece is created with an absence of figures, allowing the viewer to fill them imaginatively, or perhaps not at all.

Subsequently, reflecting on the places that made her the person she is today, imaginings of growth, warmth and nostalgia present themselves in each of these personal pieces as Laura reflects on her happy places. 

Instagram: @laurabarryartypants