Date / Data

May 01 2022

Sunday / Domhnach

Time / Am

1:15 pm

Venue / Áit

An Díseart, Gairdín
Main St, Dingle
Category / Chatagóir
SWARM Nobody panic, they’ve got this! Tógaíg go bog é – ná bígi buartha! Breda, Cian and Deirdre have decided to stop climate change, with theatre, specifically their version of the “Irish Mythological Cycle”. Seó é seo a chabhróidh linn an domhan a shábháil! Beidh Cian, Deirdre agus Breda le feiscint idir shúgradh agus dáiríre, iad uile mar phleidhce ach téamaí tábhachtacha á phlé!   With dancing cows, grumpy tree’s and magic potions made out of terrible ideas by greedy children, how could anything go wrong? And did we mention the powerful warrior with a huge bum, a public mating ritual (done tastefully) and mouth juggling (not done tastefully) and someone will definitely cry! It’s a very silly show made by very silly people about very important things! Performed and Created by; Cian Kinsella, Deirdre Griffin and Breda Larkin. Directed by Jonathan Gunning.